Your nest


At the most picturesque alley, at the heart of the islands capital, Aghia Marina, a doll house is waiting for you.



Inside it there is room only for two.


Through its welcoming threshold you are going to step into a dream. Authentic and sophisticated, it conveys positive energy, sensitivity and love.


Through its open windows the sea unfolds before your eyes its endlessness, its breeze feeling refreshing and invigorating.


Over its balcony door raises the imposing castle of the island.


From its balcony you can enjoy the view of the harbor and the sea. A few steps ahead there is the centre of the island with its shops, cafeterias, restaurants, night clubs and cultural centres.



You can bask the delightful nearby routes along the sea for a walk and the Papalefteri beach for a swim.


At the same time, it secures the tranquility you long for and your privacy.



The steps of the traditional alley do not allow the passage of vehicles.


Your nest is peaceful and completely protected from intrusive noises and looks.

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