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Nisyros is situated in the middle of the Dodecanese, between Kos, Tilos and Cape Knidos, in Asia Minor.

Its shape is almost round and its coastline is not significantly partitioned. It consists of volcanic mountains around an imposing caldera with a length of 2,400 m and a width of 950 m. The visitor will admire the impressive craters. The largest crater, which can be reached by visitors, has a diameter of 260 m and a depth of 30 m. It is a sight of exceptional beauty and significance.

The Archeological, the Folkloric and the Ecclesiastical Museums in Mandraki as well as the Volcanic Museum in Nikia are also worth a visit.

The Byzantine era makes a strong presence through several Early Christian basilicas and chapels, scattered all over the island. Interesting frescoes can be found in some of them.

The most ancient relics on the island belong to the Neolithic era and what remains from classic antiquity, in a very good condition, is the Acropolis of the ancient town, known as Palaiokastro.

The picturesque houses and alleys of the traditional settlements of the island (Mandraki, Pali, Emporios, Nikia) are particularly interesting.

The main hot springs are located at the Baths of Mandraki, in Pali and at Avlaki, in Nikia.